About Company

About company

‘Seyfert’ integrates and fuse a new combined financial system.

The latest Fintech solution provider/ Completion of Fintech platform architecture based on cross-border remittance know-how/ Completion of Successful preparation of latest global fintech platform/Business Extension of online electronic payment service provider through the fintech platform of P2P lending API and overseas remittance service/ Cross-border settlement service for more than 3,000 merchants both in domestic and overseas/ Headquartered in Korea and Service available in japan, USA, Hongkong, England, Singapore, Australia, Luxemburg/ Development and operation of open web standard credit card payment system.


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I liked working with these creative guys, who know everything about quality design, innovations, and usability. Thank you for your hard work, we are definitely coming back for more!

Deutsche Bank

Global IT Manager

What a great way to start your own company, an agency or an online store! With these guys you will be able to implement all your ideas in real life, an app or a website. Thanks a lot!

XOOM by Paypal

Global IT Manager

I had so much fun working with your technical specialists on my business project that we will be coming back soon for more productive ideas and designs! Highly recommend you to everyone.


Chief Technical Officer