PayGate New financial applications

NeoFrame is a total solutionbrand for securities trading

Neoframe is leading technologies in high performance system software for today’s complicated financial applications.
This solutions can cover more than couples of 100,000 concurrent sessions for processing market data feed and trading information as well as order processing with minimal response time and system load.
We will expand its business to blockchain based digital asset exchange for stocks and bonds, etc. in the near future.

100% Cold Wallet

  • Newly developed Neoframe’s wallet technology
  • 100 % Cold Wallet technology enables secure systems
  • All data is encrypted in the storage and wire transfer

Powerful trading system

  • Fast and convenient system with 20 years of stock trading experience
  • Windows based Trading System(HTS)
  • Mobile App Trading System(MTS)
  • HTML5 Trading System(WTS)

Low Latency

  • High Performance
  • Handles more than 1 million order matches per second
  • High-speed order system
  • High Performance, No server down

Biometric Authentication

  • Hybrid Authentication System (Bio/Simple) using FIDO
  • User authentication using simple authentication number(PIN)
  • Authentication using biometric information such as fingerprint and face

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